The Power of Love

by Bishop Steve Houpe

The Power of Love by Steve Houpe

In a powerful lesson that I once taught called, "Love is the Difference Maker," I discuss how the world so loosely affixes the label of love to the most trivial things. People "love" their dogs, people "love" their cars, people "love" renowned restaurants and delicious cuisine. Is any of that however, really love? World leaders are having massive round table meetings as we speak about countless "fix-it" solutions that will make our world "a better place." Do you know the main factor that they consistently seem to overlook, though? You may not want to hear it, but it's love. What our societal problems all boil down to is an absence and obstruction of love. We have been so conditioned to love with conditions that we rarely experience or even express the quintessential beauty of what real love actually is.

Romans 5:8 tells us that while we were yet sinners—not when we made the decision to make right decisions, or dotted every "i" or crossed every "t"—but "while" we were in the very thralls of being considered unworthy of redemption, God sent our Savior even still. We embrace the true definition of love here; and its not merely to be received—but to be emulated. This day and age we are so busy and consumed with the concept of "me" that if we're not careful we'll overlook the awesome opportunities to touch others around us through God's love. We can't reenact the literal sacrifice of sending a Savior to die for others, but we can sacrifice our priority with self and die to our own agendas. There's a ministry for each and every one of us to demonstrate Christ's love. Your ministry might not involve an ordination or ornate robes, but believe me dear friend, there is an audience that only you can reach in this life. There are gifts, talents, and services that God has only equipped you to carry out. There's a love walk to be taken that only your feet can tread upon.

We learn from God's love in the above verse to not "wait" on the perfect time to display love. Truth be told, the time based on conditions may never manifest—and love is always perfect, at anytime. To feed the homeless, to volunteer at a shelter, to donate gently used and even new clothes to those in need, to be patient during inconvenience, to prefer others even when it costs, to give a 5th chance to someone who seemingly doesn't deserve another, to forgive, to overlook—all of these and more are examples of showing love, "while." That word while literally means, "not withstanding the fact, or indicating a contrast." So, "while" we have all of these other things on our plates—plans to carry out, lives to live—let us ever keep before us, the duties of exemplifying God's love in the earth. If we don't, having the privilege of knowing true love through Christ, who will? Is it not also enough to consider that the cost for us to give love is usually nothing while the price for us being showed the ultimate love was Christ's very life? It is therefore the least that we could do!

Friends, partners and family, continue to walk in God's love consistently and boldly. That's what the world is craving whether they know it or not—that's how God designed each and every one of us whether saved or strayed. He created a longing in us to long for love—true love—and He is the truest love of all.

In His service and especially His love,
Bishop Steve Houpe

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Bishop Steve Houpe
Founder and Pastor of Harvest Church International Outreach In Kansas City, Missouri.