Dr. Donna Leah Houpe

Dr. Donna Leah Houpe is the First Lady and Executive Administrator of Harvest Church International Outreach and Faith Academy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Southern University, a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from Louisiana State University, and a doctoral degree in Christian education from Faith Bible College.

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Dr. Houpe is a devoted wife and mother to her loving husband and children. She is a blessed woman of God, following His plan as she assists her husband in carrying forth the vision that God has ordained for Harvest Church. Dr. Houpe possesses over 30 years of experience in educating children and is passionately dedicated to helping children discover their God given purpose and destiny at an early age.

Through ministry, empowered by the Holy Spirit, Dr. Houpe has impacted the lives of girls and women from all walks of life—married, divorced, single, young, and old—from all over Kansas City, its surrounding areas, and the country. In addition to leading the Women's Ministry of Harvest Church, Dr. Houpe as implanted several outreaches to minister to women. She started Gathering of Pearls Women's Conference, which draws hundreds of women, Leah's House, the home for unwed teenage mothers and their babies, The B.U.G. Club for elementary aged girls, and the Junior Pearl Society for girls middle school through high school age.

Dr. Houpe has authored several literary works for both children and adults, is the founder of "The Circuit"— a Bible based entrepreneurial organization for Christian business owners, and also the founder and CEO of Designs By Leah Jewelry & Finishings Boutique. She has been recognized for several awards and honors including Kansas City's Influential Business Woman of the Year.

Leah's House

Named after Dr. Donna Leah Houpe, Leah's House is Harvest Church's answer to the needs of a teenage mother. After a period of fasting and prayer, the vision for Leah's House was brought forth. Leah's House was established in 2003. It is a residential facility for single and teen mothers and their babies on delivery. The building has 26 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, classrooms, office space, and a chapel. During their stay at Leah's House, every young mother will receive faith-based training, life skills, shelter, food, childbirth education and gain moral fortitude and confidence in an atmosphere of hope, healing, and personal restoration. With skillful handling of the Word of God and applying it to the lives of those in need, Leah's House will make an impact and influence the city of Kansas City for Jesus.

National Pearl Society

In an effort to help women refresh, refuel, renew and relax, Dr. Houpe started one of the nation's fastest growing Christian Women's Organizations, The National Pearl Society (NPS). NPS reaches out to every woman, is committed to bringing unity and desires to see others come to Christ. The purpose of NPS is to create a positive, energetic atmosphere every time women gather. NPS is a group of women who seek peace in their homes, families, and communities. NPS strengthens to bonds of sisterhood by building strong families, raising successful children, and embracing the love of our sisters in Christ.

The junior division of NPS is the Junior Pearl Society (JPS) for girls ages 10 and up. JPS is a Christian organization where young girls discover who they are and find their purpose in life. They have an opportunity to make new friends and build new memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Each young lady is surrounded by godly mentors, who assist her in growing, maturing, and forming into a beautiful pearl as she participates in workshops, clinics, seminars, and field trips.